Brewing 101


Ok, I got everything, Now What???

Ok, Here we go. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Clean and Starilize all the equipment that will come in contact with your brew with a 2oz to 5gallon ratio of bleach to water.
  2. Pour the malt extract from the can into 1.5gal of boiling water and boil for 45 minutes
  3. Place your hops in the cloth hop bag, and continue boiling for another 20 minutes
  4. Fill your glass carboy with 3.5 galons of cold water to prevent your hot wort from breaking the glass
  5. Remove your hop bag, and pour your boiling wart into your glass carboy
  6. Mix your yeast with 1 cup of warm water to activate yeast, and assure a good start for fermentation.
  7. Pour yeast into carboy, and attach fermentation lock
  8. Place your sealed carboy in a dark place at room temperature (65-75 degrees)
  9. Wait for 7-10 days
  10. After the long wait, place your hose in the fermenter to fill the hose almost full and syphan the beer into steralized bottles and cap.
  11. Wait another 14 - 21 days, and then place them in the fridge
  12. Drink your own brew and enjoy

*remember this is the simplest way to start, there are many tools availible to make much of this process easier. There are also many books on the market to extend your knowledge and become a master brewer. Good luck and enjoy.

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - Ben Franklin