Short History Lesson

IN THE Beginning...

The craft brewing revolution began in the late 1970's as a response to the consolidation of the national brewing industry. Choices among national brands grew fewer in the marketplace and developed a niche for small scale brewers who chose to specialize in producing only superior, all-natural beers. As the American brewing landscape was shrinking in taste and size a homebrewing culture emerged.

The homebrewing hobby began to thrive because the ONLY way a person in the United States could experience the beer traditions and styles of other countries was to make the beer themselves. These homebrewing roots gave birth to what we now call the "Craft Brewing" industry.


Craft beers began to make there mark because of their unique flavors. Here are a few names of some of the craft brew flavors that I enjoy: Amber ales, amber lagers, bockbiers, brown ales, and light porters. Many of the brews are from my favorite breweries, Odell Brewing Co, Breckenridge Brewing Co, and Goose Island Beer Co. If any one of those have you excited, you can thank a few thousand men and women who are passionate about a good brew, like myself, and not settling for the same old thing. Check out my Ales and Lagers pages for more information on these types of brews.

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - Ben Franklin