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Beer is Beer, Or is it?

One of the common misconseptions about beer is that it is all the same. That is false. There are two main types of beer, Ales and Lagers. The main differences between the two are, the yeast that is used, and the fermentation temperature.


Ales are made with yeast that ferments on the top of the brew. These yeasts typically are conducive to fermentation at a higher temperature (65 - 75 degrees) than lager yeasts. Because of the logistics of the beginner brewer, ales are the most common type of beer brewed by the novice and craft brewers alike.


Lagers are made with yeast that ferments on the bottom of the brew. The lager yeast is fermented at colder temperatures (35 - 45 degrees) than the ale. This is more difficult for the hobbiest, because of the expense involved with keeping the brew cold for the fermentation process.

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