The Devil went down to Georgia and had a hard time with Johnny, as we all know, but the rest of the story is a little unclear.  It turns out the Devil didn’t start his ambush on four strings.  He started with six, somewhere in Kansas. 

Hays Kansas was the place that the devil would meet his pace.  As the legend tells, Little Stevie had his chance to deal, but he knew the devil was no match.  He offered the Devil a simple bet, that, he knew had little catch.  Stevie said: “ I’ll play you a couple of riffs and if you feel you can hang, we’ll duel tooth and fang.  When you know that you’re done, drop your guitar and take to the run.  All I ask, is you leave your pick, as you run a far, so you won't have no pick, to ever again, to use on that ole guitar.” 

Well Stevie played a couple of riffs, and the Devil passed off his pick and left the place faster than quick.
It was understood that the Devil would never approach another picker again, so we can be proud to hold the Devil’s Pick, right here at the Devil's Pick home.

Image of Stevie Ray Vaughan