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Welcome to Competitive Shooting

There are many different disciplines of competitive shooting.  These can range from shooting cans in your back yard (assuming you have an extremely large one) to the Highpower range at 600 yards.  One of the most economical ways to begin shooting is with the .22 caliber guns.  .22 is inexpensive and avoids complexities in reloading and gets you firing on the range in limited time.  Most hunters and competitive shooters alike can trace their shooting history back to a .22 rifle, most notably the Ruger 10/22.

As a competitive shooter the .22 caliber will inevitably draw the marksman into larger calibers.  Generally with larger calibers repetitive accuracy is easier, but recoil will become a new hurdle in the shooter’s progression.  With the increased accuracy, distances to targets will increase.  Most Highpower matches will have a 600 yard stage.  While distance is the major competitive draw in rifle competitions, handling recoil and practical shooting can draw an individual into pistol competition.  Pistol competitons generally stay within 50 yards of the targets, but incorporate movement by the target as well as the shooter.  A pistol has a very quick aim adjustment that suits close range movement very well.  Shotgun competitions increase the level of movement, as they can hit a target within an approximate area with the build of the shot and scattering effect of the projectiles.

Most competitions are built on real world situations.  Many hunters take advantage of competitions during the off seasons to increase their ability with their equipment.  Waterfowl hunters generally compete in shotgun events where thrown clay targets mimic birds in flight. Pistols shooters will compete in conceal and carry, home defense, and police courses of fire.  Rifle users will lean more towards stationary targets at distance to focus on aiming techniques and shooter stability.

Competitive shooting is just like any other game.  It can be played with multiple players, and can be as competitive as the player would like to make it.  The relatively new television show on History Channel, Top Shot, has brought much attention to the fun that can be had with good marksman ship.  Some will discount these games due moral values against firearms, but it is difficult to argue with the skill and competition that this sport can bring to those interested.  Take a look around the site to learn more about the different styles of these competitions.