image of bulls eye target

Shotgun / Multi Gun

Shotguns are, by design, close range firearms.  They are designed to be less accurate, but increase the scope of impact by releasing smaller projectiles, or shot, to increase target area.  These guns are mostly used for close range self defense, or hunting waterfowl.  The increased target area aids in hunting birds in flight because of their quick movement while in flight.  As with other firearms, Shotguns have found their way into competitions.  Clays are disks that are thrown to mimic birds in flight and have become the most popular target for shotgun competitions.  Shotgun skill also comes in handy when a competitor chooses to enter a three gun event.  Three gun events take into account all around firearm marksmanship by employing a pistol, rifle, and shot gun in different events scored in unison.


Shotgun Competitions